4 Quick Tips on Root Canal Treatment Aftercare


Believe it or not, when there was a survey conducted amongst dentists belonging to the major cities around the world, they have claimed to witness most appointments by patients who are in need of a root canal treatment. With a root canal treatment, the pulp and the nerve are drilled and flushed out. This is either because the pulp is infected or irritated due to various reasons. A deep decay while consuming harsh foods, a crack in the tooth, an accident encountered on the face, etc. leads to such problems with the tooth that lead to an appointment with a dentist.

A dentist for root canal treatment in Adelaide is known to remove the pulp and seal it with special sealants that last for long without causing damage to the remaining tooth. Such treatments are known to be painful, but in recent times, there are advanced methods put to use to ensure there is minimal pain. A root canal treatment doesn't just heal things instantly, and there is the need for an aftercare which when undertaken well results in healing in a better way. Here are a few tips that could help you get back to normal at a faster pace.

Avoid putting pressure on the tooth

Most dentists after a root canal treatment cover the problematic tooth with a crown or cap which comes around after a few days when the tooth shows signs of healing. Until the time you receive a crown for the tooth, avoid applying pressure on the tooth where you can avoid chewing from that side of the mouth. Unwanted pressure may lead to breakage as well or probably complicate issues further.

Do not eat hard and crunchy food

Whenever we eat crunchy food, out teeth are known to exert more pressure when it comes to biting the hard texture and then grinding it to finally swallow it. Even though you avoid chewing from the affected side of the mouth, you are to completely avoid hard foods such as carrots, nuts, cereals, apples, peanuts, biscuits, etc. that can weaken the already affected tooth thus curbing the healing process after a root canal treatment.

Take special care while brushing

You cannot always keep your mouth wide open or probably control the toothbrush while it is working its way to your teeth. The bristles may accidentally reach the freshly treated tooth thus loosening the sealant and causing further complications or another visit to the dentist to put things back in shape. Therefore, you are to ensure that you take special care when it comes to brushing your teeth. Controlling the brush well and ensuring that it doesn't go anywhere near the affected tooth can help you stay away from pain.

Identify the type of pain

No root canal treatment by a Kilburn dentist has painless results. The pain is bound to arise due to the tender root, gums and the tissues surrounding the affected tooth. Most dentists prescribe an oral pain reliever that the patient is expected to consume which is often known to reduce the pain and inflammation around the problematic tooth. Despite consuming such medicines and talking all necessary care, there are times when you witness a persistent pain that tugs your mouth all the time. This is when the sealant is filled well or probably there has been a problem that your tooth has encountered during the process. This is when you are to rush to the dentist at the soonest time possible.